Drinks with a Mutt

When my mom was visiting us from southern California, I did my best to plan a ton of activities. We did just about everything there is to do in Macedonia, especially in Skopje. The outdoor adventures meant we got a lot of sun, but more importantly, it meant Pippin got a lot of exercise.


My mom’s visit was timed perfectly. The dreary grayness of winter was gone and with the signs of spring in the air, cafes in the park opened for business. Pippin, my mom, and I went to the park one afternoon for some happy hour cocktails, and of course Pippin dragged me along on her leash.

There is a pond in front of the cafe that no one in their right mind would even think about swimming in. Pippin must have read my mind and balked at the challenge.


I let her off the leash to run around, but much like Ron Burgundy jumping into the bear pit, I immediately regretted the decision. She bounded directly into the water to scare away some ducklings and came out a wet, shaggy, mossy mess.

Booze makes a lot of things more fun, but this bath had no chance of being enjoyable for anyone.